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darin-longIt took about 30 years of TV cameras and news scripts.
Then, the lights came on.

That’s when award-winning broadcaster Darin Adams discovered that the secret of TV is the secret of life. It’s always better with passion. He’s done just about everything when it comes to TV. As a lifestyle host, he tracked down celebrities like Martha Stewart and Pat Sajak. As a sports anchor, he has tried his hand at rodeo riding on a runaway horse. As a weather anchor, he drew pictures of animals in the satellite clouds. As a morning feature reporter, he has eaten crickets and had liposuction performed on him while talking on camera. He’s worked in cities from Louisville, Kentucky to Kalispell, Montana—from Boston, Massachusetts to Pocatello, Idaho. He currently lives in Utah with his wonderful wife and four perfect children.

Everyone has passions. Some of Darin’s include:

    New England Patriots
    Diet Root Beer
    French fries with mayo or “fry sauce”
    Family games
    TV Shows: Monk & Psych
    Black Friday

Darin's Messages

Darin’s passion-packed keynote address helps your team become happier and more successful by discovering and firing up their passions. He uses the Passion Pyramid to help everyone uncover what their passions are. Then the changes start to take place. With hilarious and touching personal stories from inside and outside the TV studio – like the classic “Turtleneck Principle” and the entertaining “Toaster Strudel Treasure Hunt” – he inspires everyone to do what they love the most: fire up their passions.

The most effective leader knows it’s never about the leader. It’s about those who are following. Darin conducts workshops and keynote addresses to help leaders discover that the most successful leader is the most passionate one. Hear “The Pet Cemetary Birdhouse” and “How I Took a Cut In Pay and Loved It” to see how the passionate leader is one who always gets followers excited to get on board.

Before you ever get to the bright lights of a TV studio, meet with a reporter, or send out a press release, you can get media training from a 30-year veteran and award-winning broadcaster. Darin conducts workshops and seminars on how to pull off a flawless TV performance. He gives training on how to approach media outlets for free publicity and exposure.

If your youth are content with sitting in the back of the room and never participating, then let Darin light a fire under them. Darin connects with youth in a way many adults can’t. For young people, it might seem cool to not get involved and seem aloof, but after an hour, they’ll be ready for a passionate change of heart.
(Darin also speaks to faith-based groups and can tailor his message to fit your audience and need.)